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How to get Beautiful Roses in your Garden

Best In Show
My Rose bush has grown into one of the most beautiful parts of my day, after my 3 little queens of course. 

Let's be real roses don't talk back and make you repeat yourself a million times. So, that alone makes them my sweet little babies. Not to mention, they so pretty. I know I've turned into a old woman lol. Just to prove what I posted last year about bananas, here is a follow up post.

Bananas Really Work
Last year, I wrote a post, How to Help Your Roses Grow All Year Round sharing how bananas help your Roses to grow. I had no idea how vibrant mine would turn out this year and this has proven to be one great tip. I'll be sure to plant my bananas all year round to ensure my Roses are the bees knees. It seems like they just get better with time.

Stop and Smell the Roses
I recently started to post a periodic Rose pic on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook with the caption, "Stop and Smell the Roses". I had people encourage me to enter my Roses into a show (I don't know nothin bout that), another used the pic I posted from Facebook as their screensaver. Which are both flattering in their own rights. Very popular on Instagram to my surprise. So, I compiled a little slideshow dedicated just to my roses who's growth was aided by the beautiful banana. Please enjoy!

Rose slideshow

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