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This Baby Was Born Still in the Amniotic Fluid. Find out more here...

Born and Don't Even Know It
I just had to post this picture and article. Some things I can't pass up. This is such an amazing and beautiful thing to see. The baby is born and doesn't even know it. Who hasn't said they would love to see or wondered how the baby looks inside the amniotic sac. This might be the best we can get to life on the inside of the womb before birth. The baby was delivered by C-section.

The original article is in Greek and the picture was snapped by the delivering doctor.
The doctor admits that he was left "breathless" at the sight. 

We sure are amazing beings and I'm glad I was able to see this picture. Get more from this article on MSN We can't stop staring at pic of baby reportedly born in amniotic sac
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