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Why I'm Here
This blog was created for all women, in honor of the mothers. The woman that doesn't limit herself to being "just mommy". Motherhood is a major driving force in the lives of many women and we love it and our children

It's very difficult and downright maniacal at times and sometimes we feel like running away from it all, other times we wouldn't trade it for the world. You accept that it's all about this wonderful life you created once they are in your womb. Mothering is about being selfless.

I Don't Want to Lose it
However, it's easy to lose ourselves in the label of "mom of so and so". Sometimes we just need to vent and be the person we were before the kids. If you are anything like me, you practically have to force yourself to have "mommy time". This community is just one way I spend my time.

The Whole Shebang
On being a Hip Mommy Chick. I feel the definition is the woman that works, lives, plays and maintains the essence of the woman that she has always has been even before the babies. The woman that has not completely lost herself in mommy-hood or even the woman that is looking to find herself again. Sharing of inspirational stories, news, advice/tips, reviews and resources for the modern woman living the whole shebang, that happens to be a mom.

Who's That Lady
A professional, a wife and a mother of 3 girls that lives in the DC Area. Some might consider me a walking contradiction, I'm just being me. A lover of the arts, music, culture, history, most things organic, fashion and beauty. I also like some "reality TV" programs and the Science channel. You see, I'm well rounded. I have a background in PR, Events, Marketing and Promotions. I started out very young as a brand ambassador representing companies like Allied Domeq, Dada and Diageo. This platform eventually into me and my former partner(s) throwing some pretty awesome events for about 5 years in the city of brotherly love. All during the time of the "Neo-Soul" explosion of Musiqsoulchild, Jill Scott, Jaquar, Bilal and The Roots in Philadelphia. The signature event "The Whole SheBang" was all about live music, the art of DJing, open mics, dancing and the arts and were sponsored by Allied Domeq, Red Bull, Smirnoff, Diageo and many more. My company at the time was responsible for Raheem DeVaughn and his former band Urban Avenue performing in Philadelphia for the first time.

Let's See How This Goes

I began this blog in 2012 as an outlet and inspiration to myself and other woman and mothers. As a mother of multiple children all 2 and a half years apart. Motherhood life can be challenging, overwhelming and hard to find "balance". After working as a Banker shortly after my first child was born, working while pregnant with my 2nd child and then becoming a full-time stay at home mom after my 3rd child. At times I felt like I was going crazy. 

I have gone through every possible emotion and scenario a woman has when making career choices. I decided since I'm at home, I want my girls to see that a woman can do whatever she sets her mind to. I decided to be the example I want my girl's to follow. So let's see how this goes :) 

Your Hip Mommy Chick,

~Narjah Stewart~

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