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All My Babies Mamas-He Is Taking Care of His Kid's Though.

So, it's official Oxygen Network has pulled the proverbial plug on "All My Babies' Mamas" due to pressure from petitions. The premise of the show was about a rapper and his 11 kids by 10 different women. They all congregate in one residence and live as a "blended" family with one "Matriarch". I agree the show is buffoonish and not exactly the best representation.

However, this man Shawty Lo is actually taking care of all of his children and not running away from his responsibilities
I think something should be said about that. There are so many "men" that are not taking care of their children and dropping their responsibilities on the mother and others to take of. This could have served as an example to other men or boys that believe the hype of some rappers that quite honestly promote not stepping up as a father. I have heard so many songs talk about the woman and the child not being theirs. How about a paternity test? You see it all the time where the man could take care of his children and he doesn't. He may have another relationship that the child doesn't fit into or just doesn't want to step it up.

Shawty Lo's not saying, yeah I have 11 kid's by 10 women and I don't get to see my kid's like I want to. This child is over here and this child is over there. He is saying, yes I have 11 kid's by 10 women and they are all taken care of by me and we make it work. The children are with their mother, father and very importantly their siblings. All of the adults in the arrangement know what is going on and I commend them for making sure the children are the focus. Some folks don't have a problem with Polygamy. Now,yes some on the show are ghetto (ratchet even). Yes, I wouldn't want my children to ever be 1 of 10 babies mamas or 1 of 4. With that being said, in some African cultures the families are always "blended" and everyone works together.

This show is by no means for children, as it shouldn't be and as most of these reality shows are not. I'll admit I have a guilty pleasure for some reality shows and I don't see them being protested with such vigor. Think about it, the one show that actually shows a man being a father and taking care of all of his kid's is banned before it can get started. Where is the outrage over T.I.? He has more than 1 babies' mama and has all of his children in the home with him. Granted not all of the mamas live with him but, that is the choice of the individuals involved. Shawty Lo should take the show to the internet, be a positive example of a great father and see who tunes in. Just my thoughts. What do you think?
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