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Hip Mommy Hair Tips: Cornrowed Ponytail with Bantu Knots

This is one of those styles that is pretty easy, considering you know how to braid cornrows. Actually, this style is not too challenging for the novice to give a try. If you are new to braiding and cornrows specifically.

The Cornrow Ponytail is a good way to practice with out doing a full row of braids. The hair is parted into thin rows (hence cornrows).

I like to start with the middle braid so I can effectively measure the rows and hair on the following braids to be done.
You then separate the hair into 3 even strands of hair, the key is to intertwine/weave the hair at the start of the braid as tight as possible without harming the scalp. You are essentially roping the hair into a plait. I only braided the hair to the middle point of her scalp and tied the ends with rubber bands. You continue to do this on both sides until the front is completely braided.

In this instance the back of the hair was left out and that allows the hair to be made into different styles. I pulled the hair into one ponytail and the hair remaining was twisted into Bantu knots overnight. In the morning the Bantu Knots were removed to reveal beautiful twists of hair that resemble spiral curls but without the heat of a curling iron.

A good way to practice braiding is to get some yarn and tie the 3 ends together with a hair tie or rubber band. Find a spot to attach the yarn with a clip of some sort and practice the individual braid. This is not for cornrowing just braids.

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