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G-Spot "G-Shot": Enhance Your Sex Life

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Can You Find the G-Spot?
A shot for your G-Spot, wtf. I feel like the word G-Spot should always be capitalized, I don't know it's just so important. Some women can't find theirs, most men can't either. This G-Shot is supposed to temporarily amplify or augment the Grafenburg Spot (G-Spot) in sexually active women. 

Make it Bigger Baby
The website G-Spot Amplification describes the shot as a simple 20 minute, nonsurgical, physician-administered hyaluronan treatment. This makes it easier to locate the G-Spot by producing a G-Spot about the size of a quarter. With effects that last for about 4 months. 

What note is the G-Spot, probably F? According to the site the shot can help you get "in tune" to your G-spot. Heightens awareness and is free of hormones. Just envision a cello with wider strings that makes it easier to pluck. I guess you can tune a bigger spot.  

Man oh Man!
The men behind the G-Spot and the G-Shot. The G-spot is named for Dr. Ernest Grafenberg, who first described it in a 1950 article in the International Journal of Sexology. He found a highly erogenous zone inside the vagina that gets bigger when directly stimulated and that can lead to a powerful climax.
Dr. Matlock

G-Spot Amplification (GSA) or the G-Shot was invented and developed by world renowned gynecologist David Matlock, MD, MBA, FACOG. Dr. Matlock has been offering G-Shot to his patients since 2002. Dr. Matlock is quite the gynecologist. He has been called Cosmetic Surgery's G-Man and Dr. 90210. 

Wonder Woman
Looking at his website I discovered The Wonder Woman Mommy Makeover. In this "makeover" you can get a breast job, bootylicious J-Lo butt and a Designer Vagina. So what does it come with a Louis Vuitton purse? Apparently it means you can have your vagina rejuvenated, reduced or even fattened. 

This is a world oh so foreign to me. I never knew women were getting their vagina's done. I guess nothing is real anymore. Want to know more about getting your cat whacked check out the Procedures List and please view the photo gallery, (warning the pics are of vagina's). 

I Like Big Butts and I Can Not Lie
It really makes you think about what goes through Dr. Matlock's mind, I'm just saying. He even has a site named Butts by Dr. 90210 which is for, you guessed it Brazilian Butt Augmentations. The commercial on the homepage is pretty comical. It's kinda infomercial style and stars his very own Plastic Wife. I'm not being mean, she is actually on a show called "Plastic Wives" on TLC

Pandora's Box
Wow, I started writing this about the G-Shot and when I got to the research portion on Dr. Matlock, I unlocked Pandora's Box. So, what I learned is that you can get your G-Spot shot, your labia sculptured and your twat cropped. All in about 30 minutes. 

What do you ladies think? Would you have your G-Spot shot or your twat cropped? Leave your comments below.

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