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What's a Mompreneur? She's your stain fighting, referee of justice, time out giving super hero. It's the woman that stops working outside the home and stays at home to take care of her children. It's the woman that strives to make her ideas a reality, while nursing her newborn baby. It's the woman that has to take a break from working on her business to entertain her four year old. Or, maybe it's the mom that got laid off, and it turned into a blessing in disguise. In my instance, I'm typing up a blog post and building a castle made of blocks with my 4 year old. It just is what it is.

CEO of Your Life
Whichever it may be, a mompreneur is a woman that turned her skills, talent, hobby or ideas into a business while staying at home with their children. You are the CEO of your life. You've turned your hobby into a money maker or your thinking about doing it. Living, loving and creating to the fullest. Always trying to stay balanced, while making it look easy. We all know it's not that easy

The Grind is Real
Your day may start off getting the kids up and ready for school, making breakfast, checking and replying to e-mails on your phone, promoting your brand, and washing the dishes. This is just the morning. You grab your cup of coffee, head to your home office (most likely) and sit down to do all the things you have on your to do list (in your head sometimes). You let your child watch way too much t.v. sometimes and feel like crap about it. Sometimes you just get caught up in what your trying to accomplish and it happens. Then you get on social media for business purposes and to network and, the line gets blurred. You find yourself getting caught up in the Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram web. You click on one link, then another and before you know it; let your precious time slip away from you. 

Behind the Scenes
People may see you posting pics and updating your status and think that's all you do. It's a part of what you and as mundane as it seems, essential to branding yourself. They don't see that, it's back to work and then it's lunch time. Time to prepare lunch for your little one and maybe grab a bite for yourself, my drive is what feeds me at times. All this while creating your product/service model, preparing your administrative papers, cleaning out the toy bins or securing legal documents. You may be the owner, operator, marketing director, social media guru, promoter and anything else you can think of. That's okay in the beginning, because your working towards a goal. The goal is to be able to work from home, not have to pay childcare and still generate enough money to be able to save, buy that much needed car, pay a couple of utility bills or even buy some new shoes. 

Make Money Doing What You Love
I say all this to say that there are more and more women turning their dreams into reality. The numbers on women in business are very impressive. The stats indicate that women consistently have been launching businesses at nearly twice the rate of men for the last 25 years. If you find yourself being the go to person for throwing parties, there may be an event planning future for you. If you find that all your friends turn to you for beauty advice, there may be an independent beauty consultant business in your prospects. You may love wine and know a lot about it, you may need to be a wine consultant on the weekends. I for the last 10 years have been the person that my friends and family have come to for business advice. Be it how to get incorporated, licensing, applying for an EIN number, building a website and online presence or raising funds. This has turned into a growing business of web design and marketing consulting for myself. The possibilities are limitless, the key is to find that something that you love and make it a business. So get out there and follow your dream no matter how long it takes.

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A wife and mom of 3 girls. I consider myself a walking contradiction at times. A lover of socializing, music, art, culture, history and most things organic. I blog and work in web design, PR, event management, marketing/promotions consulting for HMCI marketing solutions.

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