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Hip Family Things to Do in the DC Area {Cherry Blossoms Cruise}

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Cherry Blossom Cruise
I live in the suburbs of MD, not too far from Washington, DC. The Snow Storm of 2013 just came and went with a whimper and I'm just so OVER WINTER right now. 

Spring Is In The Air
With the warm weather approaching. I'm researching and looking forward to painting the town a very pretty shade of pink with my friends and family. 

The District offers so many hip, fun activities for families to do and with Spring right around the corner the possibilities are limitless. 

What to Do with out going Broke and Have a good time is a Whole other story. 

So Many Options
There are so many museums to visit and the city is rich with history. You can choose to go on a tour and picnic. Take a class you've been meaning to try or do something you never thought you would do.

Here in the DC area and tourists from all over the world look forward to the National Cherry Blossom Festival and all of the festivities that surround this annual event. 

Peak Bloom
The Cherry Blossoms have a very short window of bloom and you are lucky if you catch them in all their glory. The Peak Bloom Dates were announced just the other day and the National Park Service states it will be March 26-March 30 (defined as when 70% of the blossoms are open). 

(Update: The Cherry Blossoms just bloomed in April, so you still have a chance to catch them.)

It's not always possible for everyone to get down to the Cherry Blossoms Parade and some just don't like the large crowds. 

Cruising Baby I found a great way to view the Blossoms and enjoy the best view from the comforts of a Chartered Yacht. The company Capital Yacht Charters and Fort Washington Potomac River Tours is also child friendly, so feel free to take the whole family. 

The Cherry Blossom Cruise is from the deck of a yacht and you get a 60 or 90 minute cruise for just $20/$25The cruise is normally $40/$50 but, if you go through the Hip Mommy Chick Living Social banner below you get the Best deal. 

By the way, this is The Most Shared Deal. When you share with 3 friends that buy, you get yours free. It ends in 4 Days. Get yours below. The deal has been extended.

I can't wait to sit back on my yacht and take in the scenery. Oh yeah it's not mine but, a girl can dream for now. Get your fun on.

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~Narjah, Your Hip Mommy Chick~

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