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I Love the Genie Bra

So the other day I got a random text from my cousin Charmaine, who said that she absolutely hates her Genie bra. I LOVE mine on a whole different level, I received the Genie bra from my grandmother a year or so ago. I must admit at first when she mentioned having some bras for me I was skeptical. I mean, in the past she gave me one of the big 18 hour bras with uncomfortable under wire support. That looked like I was a grandma and I didn't even have children then.

I looked up the #Geniebra before going to get them and realized I had seen the commercial several times as we all probably have. I must admit that the infomercial is of course over the top dramatic, however I always wanted to see if it was what they claimed.

I have found it to be my go to bra. My grandma gave me 3 in every color. I nursed all of my babies and found it to be very comfortable during and after my nursing. I wear them more than any other bra I have and workout and sleep in them. I even told my closest friends that it would probably be their next gift. So when my cousin said she hated it, I was convinced she must be doing something wrong, like got the wrong size or something else. She told me that initially she did get the wrong size and had to exchange it for a different size. I'm still convinced you may have to get another size again cuz. :) I find that the Genie bra works better if it is precisely the right fit. If not then it defeats the purpose of that bra. To all my Genie bra mommy's. What have your experiences been? Do you love it or hate it?

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