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Eating Placenta to Battle Postpartum Depression

Placenta Pills
A growing number of women that are suffering from the "baby blues" are using their placenta to combat Postpartum Depression. 

In most cases, this organ that nourishes the fetus is discarded after childbirth. In some cultures, the placenta is considered sacred and is buried under a tree. Read one woman's story here {Las Vegas Sun}

I recently watched an episode of the Tia & Tamera Show, the finale actually. Tamera had her placenta encapsulated into pill form and also into a serum, that she mixed with Brandy to mask the taste. On this episode Tamera made her sister Tia taste the Placenta/Brandy mix. Yummy!

Watch a portion of the "Placenta" episode and try not to throw up in your mouth it here

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