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Make Up Snow Days and Summer Break in MD, DC, and VA

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Schools In For Summer
So, just how many days into the summer break will our children have to attend school. The Maryland Board of Education recently decided to allow school districts to request waivers for up to five days of instruction that were lost due to the wonderful winter weather this year.

How Many Days Will They Waive
I know in my school district of Prince George's County, there were 7 days used and the county only had 4 days built into the system.
County officials have not requested a waiver, but plan to do so. As it stands now, the last day of school will be the 16th of June. In Maryland school districts are required to be in session 180 days. 

In Virginia
Some Virginia schools were in the double digits with days missed. Prince William county schools cut their recess time from 15 to 10 minutes and sparked some controversy.

DC schools only budget for 1 snow day and have had 5, while officials are still finalizing plans.

So, what do you think should be done? Should some holidays be sacrificed, recess time cut, extra minutes added to the end of the day?  


On Thursday, the Maryland State Superintendent Lillian Lowery agreed to waive 2 instructional days, and not the 4 that were originally requested by CEO Kevin Maxwell.

The original request was denied and a revised request was submitted, resulting in the 2 days being the final negotiation. 

The last day of school for Prince George's County will be June 13.

Montgomery County's 5 day and Anne Arundel County's 4 day requests have so far been rejected. 
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