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Forgiving Is The Hardest Thing To Do

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As a daughter, sister, mother and woman that has been married for going on 7 years on February 14. I know how hard it is to forgive the people that are closet to you. Sometimes it seems they are the ones that hurt you the most. It makes sense though, you are naturally emotionally invested in those that you love, so when they hurt you it really burns. I'm just thinking about the brain's capability, it's a very complex sponge
that can compartmentalize millions of segments in our brain and release chemicals known as hormones. The brain even has what is known as the "left" and "right" brain. Left is thought to be geared towards logic and analytical, while the right is supposedly the intuitive, thoughtful side. We have our memory (left-brained) for instance. It's funny because memory is all based on ones perspective and how it relates to one. Does that mean that we are not really able to forgive? Do we just choose who will be the lucky person and how much we will forgive and forget. I once had a boss who used to always say "it's all relative" over and over. Allie, you were and are so right. One may have been going along life thinking that all was good and right with the world and another may have a whole different spin on that same life. It's all relative, subjective and open to interpretation. Throughout our lifetime there will be many that will hurt our feelings, lie, cheat and steal. Sometimes the hurt seems too much to overcome and very hard to forget. In relationships the possibility for heartache is almost a sure bet. It's bound to be some kind of misunderstanding, even with the closest of loved ones. However, when do you #forgive and move on? That is the question because, like I said before it's all relative to the person and how they were affected. I know of married couples, siblings, parents and children that have the same argument again and again. When do you say I'm done and move on? I think one way to the path of forgiving is, the one asking for forgiveness must genuinely mean they are sorry and never go back on their word. Acknowledgement is the magic word and it makes a world of difference. If they can't do that then sometimes you just have to realize that everything that happened. It happened for a reason...and just let go. One of my favorite songs is by the duo 

#Zhane', Everything Happens For A Reason

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