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The New "Harlem Shake"

If you have't seen it yet, this is the New Harlem Shake that is taking the online world by storm. Everywhere I look I see a new video popping up. 

"New" Harlem Shake or Hump or Whatever it is
Video courtesy of The SunnyCoast Skate
The "new" Harlem Shake came out of no where, really. I don't know when, where or why. It's not even remotely similar to the original Harlem Shake, Puffy and Dame Dash are probably feeling some kind of way. 

Since when did dry humping anything in sight become a dance? It just seems like an excuse for guys to hump their other guy friends or anything for that matter.
This is one trend I don't want my kid's or anyone's children doing. One, because it's wack (I know it's supposed to be "fun"). Two, because I don't want them dry humping anything. That is all

Check out the original from 7 years ago

 Video Courtesy of MissPDaKmp 

Here is Harlem's reaction to the Harlem Hump
Video courtesy of SchleppFilms

~~Narjah, Your Hip Mommy Chick~~

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