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Bantu Knots-Keep Hair maintained Overnight

Bantu Knots-(Before Taking Out)
 If you are looking to keep your child's hair in place overnight and ready for the next day, the Bantu Knots are a great way to do this. 1.The first thing to do is decide on the style of choice. The style here is two ponytails with two flat twists going down the sides into the bands. 2. I use all natural hair products to de-tangle and smooth the hair for manageability. Work the moisturizer into the hair and twist the hair backwards to make a cigar like piece.

3. Continue to twist the hair until it starts to coil upon itself and wrap the knot around with hair bands. Secure the end while still holding the twist tight. 4. Place another elastic band around the knot itself to secure it. Bantu knots are a great way to maintain the hairstyle overnight while also providing a beautiful spiral twist when let loose. The great thing is that the hair can be twisted again for the same desired effect. Keep coming back for more hair tips. Thanks!


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