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Are You The Baddest "Chick"

How does one maintain womanhood and motherhood while making it look good? It's not an easy task to keep the balance in a busy life of working, children, relationships, and playing. There are a few women that are cut from a different cloth that have mastered the art of being a Hip Mommy Chick. The art of living life to the fullest while staying exceptionally fly is what "that chick" does. She is the one that can wake up and cook breakfast for the kids, do hair, make the lunches and still get to her grind right on time (sometimes late). She is the baddest "chick" at the PTO and at the club with her man. She doesn't let being a mom get in the way of her being herself and getting it all accomplished. A lot of women sacrifice all of their time to their children and mate and find that 10 years later they forgot who they are or were and have lost their true essence.
You must find the balance and take time for yourself, if you don't you will go insane in the membrane. Toss away the temporary amnesia and remember that you are the being that brings forth life. All the things that men do are for the benefit of the Goddess within, yet we seem to let them say otherwise. I am here to remind you that you are the baddest "chick" and you should never forget it.
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