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Upcoming Storm Sandy

Image courtesy of nattavut at FreeDigitalPhotos.net
These are the last few hours to prepare for Sandy and I am in the DC area and it looks like we will be in the eye of the storm come Monday into Tuesday. So far I have seen neighbors raking up leaves trying to prevent the storm drain from backing up. Thankfully we have gutter buddies and a sump pump on our house so we don't have to worry about the leaves clogging up our gutters. However, if you don't have some sort of gutter protection on your home, get out there now and try to remove as many leaves as you can. For those who are not elevated you should move items from your basement or any area that may flood to a higher spot in your home. Water damage is not something you want to deal with ever especially when the electricity is out. We received an automated call from Pepco yesterday warning us of the coming storm and the possibility of mass power outages. That really doesn't help but, ok Pepco thanks for the heads up.
Hope you have a generator. It's going to be a really bad storm from all accounts and it's not just sensationalized media hype. The storm is huge 863 miles long and covers an majority of the 95 corridor so just be as prepared as you possibly can be for the next few days. Thankfully, the schools in my county were already closed for a teacher development day and apparently an announcement was made that the schools would be closed for all. If you haven't yet, parents of Prince George's County sign up for the electronic notification system for school closings, emergency and weather related updates. Some more things to think about are non perishable foods, batteries (charge those phones before), candles, flashlights, tissue, of course water, and blankets (wash your clothes now). Anyway, I'm done just be safe people.
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