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Life Hiatus Over {Guess Who's Bizack}

Photo created by Narjah Stewart
It's Your Girl, Young Narjah!
Talk to me man, we can get right to the proceedings this evening. Can I talk to y'all for a minute? Lemme talk to y'all for a minute. I'm listening to Scarface, Jay Z and Beanie Sigel, Guess Who's Bizack as I right this post. All my hip hop heads will know that verse I just quoted, if not it still stands true. I've been quiet for a while and I need to talk to you. I have to take it back to the old faithful sometimes. That's what I had to do for the last few months.

All the Way to the Bank...not Really
Let me explain the title, I had a bit of a life hiatus and went on vacation mode (from the blog) for a hot minute. In that time I had some serious contemplation about my life and my immediate career plans. I revisited going back to corporate america (banking) I know exciting right, and was presented with a pretty good opportunity that really had me thinking it was perfect timing. 
I mean, the moment I entertained the thought I got a FB message from an old colleague that wanted me to think about becoming apart of his Business Banking team. It ended up not being for me after all, and I'm thankful I didn't get back into it honestly.

I'm Relapsing
This led me to evaluating, equating, estimating and entertaining my possibilities. I decided that it was time for me to start living a life that I want on purpose. That's what my blog and the Hip Mommy Chick Movement is supposed to be all about. We all get caught up sometimes and lose sight of what is right for us as women and mothers. It's the ol' mommy guilt thing all over again. I for the last 10 years have been responsible for 3 other human beings. I include the almost year (40 weeks) that I was pregnant. My oldest daughter is now 9 and I have a soon to be 7 and 4 year old. My life is truly busy to say the least and through it all I got caught in a "funk" of sorts.

The Beat is On
I'm not going to bore you with the same old hype of "this is my year" and all that. However, I feel a spark that has been ignited in my desire to get back to what I was doing before I got married, "settled down", and had a family. I was a thriving, young, successfully struggling entrepreneur. I was on the Philly soul music scene literally and it was such a great time in music, my career and my life. I was young, dumb and twenty one and my business partner and I at the time were pretty instrumental in providing a platform for up and coming artists, musicians, and entertainers. We were the first to have Raheem DeVaughn and his former band Urban Ave 31 perform in Philadelphia and so many super talented performers. Our parties made a lasting impression on guests and the "who's who" of Philadelphia came out to party with us on a regular basis. The pulse of "neo soul" was beating in Philly and we were right in the center of it all.

What's to Come
So, while I was away from the blog I started my consulting business MTM Solutions, took a few courses and restructured some things. The website, that I'm currently building for MTM will be up soon. I have a couple of clients and projects that I'm working on and can't wait to jump back into the swing of things again. Thank you for coming back to hear what I have to say. I appreciate your visiting with me. It's time for me to get back to my old ways and thrive once again. I'm bizaaaaaaack!!!

Your Hip Mommy Chick,

Narjah Stewart

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