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Meatless Monday: 3 Easy Meatless Meals

Meatless Monday
Okay, so it's dinner time and the foods we eat have a direct affect on our attitude, our emotional frequency and out thought process. So why not give yourself the right foods to boost your system. 

It may not be feasible for one to go all the way vegan/vegetarian but, how about going meatless just one day out of the week or for a certain portion of the day. Thus, the introduction of Meatless Monday. This way you and yours can slowly transition into a lifestyle of healthy eating.

Here are 3 Easy Meatless Meals to implement into your weekly menu.

Check out this delicious Ligurian Pasta Trenette recipe from site: The Shiksa

Image courtesy The Shiksa.com

I found this next Simple Spaghetti with Kale, Lemon and Garlic recipe while on Pinterest and pinned it right away. Immediately other people were pinning and liking it from my page. Check out the original post from site Hogwash.

Image courtesy of The Hogwash.com
Another Pinterest find that is oh so divine. This Roasted Veg Tacos with Avocado Cream and Feta recipe can be found on site Naturally Ella.

I hope enjoy my Meatless Monday Foodie finds. Follow me on Pinterest for more healthy snacks.

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