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$50 Gift Card Giveaway- How Would You Spend Your Extra $$

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What could you spend some extra money on? How Many Ways ( in my Toni Braxton Voice). I know me and the possibilities are limitless. I'm thinking about getting a waxing myself and it would be my first time. 

I know that as a mother it is hard to take time for ourselves. Even when we do find the time, sometimes we just don't motivated and the thought of spending the money needed can be a deterrence. 

So, Hip Mommy Chick wants to give you a $50 Visa Gift Card to show you some appreciation and I know you deserve it. 
I've compiled some ideas on how to spend it on yourself...and maybe the kid's too. Try to make this about yourself though ladies. 

We want to know what you will spend your money on and we're looking for fun things and ideas, so make it good. 

At the end of the day who really needs a reason to spend $50 but, just in case. Here are 50 ways

50 Fun Ways to Spend $50

  1. Go get a Mani and a Pedi
  2. Buy a new purse
  3. Get your hair done
  4. Take the Yoga or ANY class you've always wanted to try
  5. Get a much needed Massage
  6. Buy a new book
  7. Redecorate your bathroom
  8. Go on a date night
  9. Treat your girlfriends to drinks
  10. Buy some wine or hard liquor ;)
  11. Book a cheap flight 
  12. Get a DVD series you missed but wanted to catch up on
  13. Buy some expensive Tea
  14. Take a Cooking Class
  15. Open a bank account 
  16. Perfume 
  17. Plan a Spa visit
  18. Go to a wine tasting
  19. Buy some jewelry
  20. New underwear (I know you need some)
  21. A new adult toy :)
  22. Go on a deal site like Living Social or Group on and see what they are offering 
  23. Make someone else's day
  24. Buy some luxury soap
  25. Need a jewelry box 
  26. Go crazy at a Thrift Store
  27. Start a herb garden
  28. Go to the movies
  29. Buy a DIY Lip balm kit
  30. Iceless wine bottle chiller, Google it (see a theme here)
  31. Visit a museum 
  32. Try a new dish
  33. Donate to a deserving charity
  34. Take an online class
  35. Learn a new hobby or activity
  36. Put on a sexy dress and go dancing
  37. Can't beat hanging with the girls, Go shopping
  38. Get your car cleaned and detailed
  39. Buy some sexy lingerie 
  40. Host a dinner party and invite all to B.Y.O.E (Bring Your Own Everything)
  41. Host a Sleepover
  42. Of course you could pay a bill
  43. Join a gym
  44. Get a subscription to a movie service
  45. Buy some new pillows for the couch
  46. Start that business you've been talking about
  47. Take a painting class with the kiddos
  48. Treat the kid's to an ice cream party
  49. Buy a new robe
  50. Replace your trusty blow dryer
There is no purchase to enter and it's as easy as making a comment. All you have to do is tell Hip Mommy Chick how you would spend some extra cash.

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