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I Don't Want To Tell You-You Should Already Know

Mom's already have to do Everything for the family. So we hate to have to spell out what needs to be done to our husbands. I mean we multitask like no body's business and then we have to tell someone how to fit in. I'm not a child but, wah wah it's just not fair lol. No really, when do mom's get to be thought about first. Everything men do in this world is for the attention of the beautiful species of women.Yet, we are the first to be treated like second class citizens. By no means is it anything like it used to be but, that's not saying much.  One would never want to go back to those days. However, it would be nice to go back to the days of women being queens and being treated as such. Women deserve to be treated like an Egyptian queen not only because we are but, because we treat our men like a King and our babies like the little royalty they are.
I don't believe it should come to every woman or mother just those that deserve it. I for one deserve it and every Hip Mommy Chick out there knows who they are. Get in where you fit in guys and always remember it should be a team effort in a relationship and family. If you see that the dishes are in need of washing and your woman is busy tending to other things, wash the damn dishes. When your house in in disarray and you have company coming over, help out and do what is needed. Even if you are not used to cleaning or cooking on a regular basis it is no excuse for not helping out. It's not just the woman's house, her children, or her stomach that growls. So do what is expected to help the household. We work hard everyday, even when you don't see it. So, if you men were smart you would know that cooking and cleaning is a turn on to a tired, busy woman. It truly opens up the willingness of your woman and if you love her treat her like you mean it. This is not about my husband, he is awesome around the house and I can't complain about that. :)

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net
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