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No Sex, Do You Cheat

Image courtesy of photostock at FreeDigitalPhotos.net
What if your significant other was not medically able to have sex for some reason. This could be a long term or short term situation. Those who would cheat when it's a short term medical situation are questionable. The long term I think...is well, questionable for a whole other set of reasons. I think it is all relative to the couple and if they are in it for better or worse. In this case worse is relative.

For instance, I once had a past client who shared her story with me about her daughter who had a debilitating illness, ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) that left her ultimately unable to move any of her body. The illness would eventually end in her death. She told me about how brilliant her daughter was. A professor and the awesome life that she led before her illness as well as during. She never lost her bright mind and ability to communicate throughout it all. As I tell my husband about her daughter this amazing woman's story I can't help but cry. She shared with me that her daughter's husband always stuck there with her through everything and couldn't have been a better, not just husband but person. That is an extreme case of illness that can affect the ability to have sex. 

What if it weren't that extreme and your spouse for whatever reason didn't want to have sex or do any of the things you wanted to do?

I know this is a hypothetical question but, what kind of person do you think you would be? The one that cheats, leaves or grins and bears it.
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