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It's 3:00 in the morning (happy rant)

Conversation got dead, with my husband because he fell asleep right here next to me (he tried)...it's pouring down raining outside and I'm still up getting things accomplished. It's amazing how the thought of success can keep you from needing sleep. I know it sounds cliche and simple but, always do what you love. Just doing this makes the world of difference in how you approach things. I feel like starting this blog has given me a new awakening and the rain outside is symbolic to the rinsing away of all the not so good things of the past. So like #SWV said "Rain down on me, let your love just flow like rain drops. Rain on meeee". God/Goodness is raining down on me and right now I couldn't be more satisfied with myself. Yay me!!! Be your own cheerleader
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