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Spelling Bees are Stressful

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Shakin' in the Bees Knees
Let me tell you, if you haven't had your child's Spelling Bee or just been to one for that matter. It is the most stressful few hours to experience. Yeah, the first round is filled with the easy words and most kids breeze through with no problem, others stand there like a deer in headlights. Some use different techniques to sound out the words, others don't stand a chance. 

Hanging on every letter
I hang on every letter of those kindergarten words. When you hear that bell and those sad little faces walk off stage and cry, I feel like I'm gonna cry. I mean, the anticipation alone is enough to get you breathing a lil' faster. 

"Is" that it? 
My husband, daughters and I were all there. My oldest Taylor was in the audience with her 2nd grade class. So, I told my husband to record my Sydney during the first round. You know, while she was still getting the word right. Of course, he forgets because he was so nervously awaiting and watching her. He got caught up in the moment. She spelled her first word, "is" with no problem and he missed it, we missed it  :'( I guess I won't blame him all the way. I have a phone too that can record, but he was supposed to do it.

"Are" you serious?
We sit through the other 55 or so kindergartners and we get back to our beloved. Her word is "are", dun, dun, dun. Now "are" is one of the words that she has struggled with. Her teacher was the person reading off the words. So, I'm sure she knew that word was a challenge. Anyway, we hear the first letter drop...e-a-r. My heart dropped and of course I was recording. My baby walks off the stage and into her dad's arms and started crying. My girls are not gracious losers at all. They can't stand to lose. Such a traumatic moment in the life of a Kindergartner. 

No B, You can't start over
I still remember my Spelling Bee like it was yesterday. I studied so hard and was one of the best spellers. I was so confident and so scared and stage fright all at the same time. Talk about a cocktail of emotions. I walked up to that mic the announcer said my word. Crabwise, I repeat the word and in my head I spelled it out. As the letters came out of my mouth I spelled it crawise. I forgot the b and asked could I start over. Of course the answer was no and so ended my spelling bee career. 

How Far Did You Get
What are your spelling bee memories? Do you remember your word(s)? Share with us your story.

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