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Spring Fashion for under $25: Cleopatra Bodycon Dress with Wedge Sandals

Be an Egyptian Goddess
Spring is here and the warm weather brings the sexy dresses out. The dress is from Rainbow, I got it online for $17.99. The wedge sandals are from JustFab and I got them for FREE, yep free. After a certain amount of purchases, that I don't know off hand you get a free pair of shoes. I just had to pay the shipping. Not bad right. I know

Live on the Wedge
I was looking for a way to keep this dress kind of "casual" and not too over the top. I tried it on with a number of heels and everything just seemed too dressy. I think these brown strappy wedges compliment this Cleopatra bodycon dress perfectly. The whole look was under $25. I'm all about looking good on a budget.

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