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What Would You Do Without Your Boobs? Angelina Jolie’s Mastectomy: What You Should Know

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Cancer Scares Me
As a woman we are complex human beings. We are women because of a lot of things, one of the many things that sets us apart from men is our anatomy. To think that you are at risk of cancer is one of the scariest things. I recently had a cervical cancer scare and the option of surgery was suggested to me more than once. 

Cut It Out
I was determined to avoid cutting the tumor out. It scared me, and I had so many thoughts of all of the possibilities and possible outcomes. What if I cut it out and it comes back or spreads somewhere else? What if I lose all my hair? My surgical wound was not one that would be visible to anyone. I am in the clear and thankfully so. I couldn't imagine removing both of my breast. That is a decision I'm glad I don't have to make. No one can really say what they would do when posed with that decision. What would you do without your boobs?

Going Public
Angelina Jolie has recently went public with her procedure. She is inspiring so many women all around the world. Her confession gave me the confidence to talk about my experience in this post. My husband and I know how it feels to meet with the surgeon for a treatment plan, to be in their words Proactive. We know the eerie feeling of waiting for MRI results and the sadness of the not so good results. I feel for Angelina and any woman that has dealt with cancer. Read more about her double mastectomy below.

Angelina Jolie’s Mastectomy: What You Should Know: By DR. JENNIFER ASHTON By going public with her prophylactic double mastectomy, actress Angelina Jolie has again shone the spotlight on breast cancer and the genetic mutation known to increase the risk of getting it by 60 percent. (Jolie wrote that her doctor told her...
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