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Team Umizoomi ~ Chicks in the City ~ Full Episode ~ HD

Where My Chicks in the City?
My daughters were watching Team Umizoomi via Youtube on our TV and in the playlist rotation this song came on. It made me giggle. This should be me tonight. Where my Hip Mommy Chicks to hang out with in the city? 

I'm the Organizer of the Meetup Group Hip Mommy Chicks and if you are in MD, DC, or VA. Join the group and we can be some Hip Mommy Chicks in the City. 

Meetup.com is a site for individuals that are interested in joining a group of people that are into the same things. I call it the Blind Date for friends.

Your little ones might enjoy this episode too, lol.
Chicks in the City
The song starts at 16:20
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