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Through The Rain...

Even though me and my girls had an unexpected walk in the rain Monday. The morning still went well. We all piled into the car ready to go to school. You know we're already rushing out the door to get to the school on time. I turn the key and get click, click, click, click, click. No car starting, just the sound of a dead battery. It seems someday left the door open and it drained the battery. Since the car sits in the garage, it's not always locked. Anyway, I called my husband and he was set on coming a little later to give me a jump start. At this time, I had to go back in the house and put on some actual clothes. I had no plans on getting out of the car. Just kiss and ride off.

So we changed into our rain boots and headed out. On the way we met the neighbor that I always see walking, but never spoke with because I'm always in my car whizzing by.
He seems to know a lot of the other neighbors. I learned he is the husband of one of the volunteers at my girls school as well. It was nice talking with him. The weather was rainy and foggy, but the temp was great. The girls were of course late to school but the brisk walk was good for us all. It's great to get the blood pumping. So, Bailey got to walk and jump in the puddles and it was fun.  It doesn't always seem like the speed bumps of life come at the right time. It's just about how you approach them that matters. It felt like this was a shitty start to my morning and it might all be down hill from there. It may have been had I looked at it that way. However, I just went with it and made the best of the morning walk and the rest of the day went well. Be the person you ought to be.
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