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To Diaper or Not to Diaper...That is the Question

Potty, Potty, Bo Botty
Potty training can be a tough job for every parent. I've spoke with moms that have potty trained their babies from a newborn (yep, newborn) and others that have their toddler in diapers into the early pre-school ages. Both have their own reasonable success and reasons for their method of potty training. 

Advancements in Diapers; Toilet Trainings Nemesis
It's been common practice in several countries that just don't use/cant' afford disposable diapers. Over the years diaper advancements have made life easier and people lazier. I'm not knocking it, because I benefit from the advancements and have used them myself. However, there is another way and this info graphic gives some pretty interesting stats on the straight poop. 

Check out this cute infographic inside?

Potty Training

Source: Early-Childhood-Education-Degrees.com

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