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Hip Mommy Music Pick: H.O.G Daily - Sun Ray - Tsaphkiel

Image courtesy: Sun Ray of HOG Daily
Hear Ye Hear Ye, Hip Hop is NOT Dead!!!
I haven't done my music pick in a minute. Friends of mine know that music is such a HUGE part of my life. I like to say that I Create Under the Influence of music, C.U.I. Every Hip Mommy Chick/parent needs some good music to listen to. 

Music that they can also feel good about listening to it with their children, very important. Music that has consciousness and isn't filled with derogatory laced lyrics, ya know...feel good music. 

House of God on a Daily
I'm proud to introduce you to Sun Ray and Tsaphkiel of HOG Daily, which stands for House of God Daily out of New Orleans. I was asked to review one song but, their music, lifestyle and what they are doing needs more than just a review. Their story needs to be told. 

The pick and song, I'm honored to be the first to introduce to the world is called, Loaded. It's a play on the word and the way it's put, is simply the way we all should be. The song has such a 90's feel, that brings the listener a ton of Summer time nostalgia. I can see this being a cookout jam, the up tempo beat has the cow bell right in the pocket. 
The hook is a Queen asking a King, if he's high off life. He returns with "Queen, I'm Loaded". That's why I tune into the House of God on a Daily. Even my girls know most of the songs once the beat drops. 
Listen here to: Loaded

Read more below:

New Orleans, Harmony Oaks (Magnolia)
Most people are used to New Orleans being the home of rap music from the Lil' Wayne's and Masta P's, these artists birthed the Bling era of rap music. When I say rap music, you know what I mean. I'm not knocking either of those men, because I respect an aspect of every one's hustle. Masta P is the king of hustle and Lil' Wayne is...Lil' Wayne. I remember back in the day when Lil Wayne was getting his rhymes ghost written by a Philly artist named Gillie Da Kid, probably still has ghostwriters, anyway I digress. 

The video below is of Sun Ray and Tsapkiel (Ghazi Gamali) explaining where music started for them.

Part 1

Click here for Parts 2 and 3

God Hop
The NOLA is now proving to be the new home of hip hop, real hip hop. Just about every serious hip hop head has heard of Jay Electronica, with his level of God Hop. Well, now you have the yet unknown storytellers Sun Ray and Tsaphkiel of, H.O.G Daily. They have revived the soul of Hip Hop and are on a mission to get back to the essence of Hip Hop with a meaning. In case you missed it at the beginning. I'm pleased to announce that Hip Hop is not dead, it has been resurrected through the House of God. I come from a time when hip hop had a message and a meaning. From what I'm hearing we need this music. 

It's Bigger Than Hip Hop
It's unfortunate that the industry doesn't check for the likes of a Yasin Bey (Mos Def), Talib Kweli, Common or HOG Daily. They're considered too conscious to sell, I call bullshit. Jay Z said it best with his verse on Moment of Clarity that says, "If skills sold, truth be told, I'd probably be lyrically Talib Kweli. Truthfully, I wanna rhyme like Common Sense but, I did 5 mill'- I ain't rhyme like Common since." That's deep on so many levels. 

That New New
It's refreshing and exciting just to hear Sun Ray and Tsapkiel rhyme and make beats to live to. This is that new new, music to liberate you. I think folks are starting to get tired of the same negativity that a lot of hip hop music has in it. We need a balance, such as we need balance in life. I can't even listen to the radio with my little girls, out of fear of them hearing something about, a ho@ not being loyal or it being nothing to cut that b**ch off. How did this become acceptable in the first place? 

If your don't have SoundCloud, get it right now. These guys are the reason I have it today. I've had plenty of people send me music through SoundCloud but, until them I never really got on it. They brought me the good news and I'm here to spread the word. Enjoy, share this and tell me what you think @hipmommychicks

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These men are into so many wonderful things beyond the music. Check them out: HOG Daily




*Be aware,this song does have some choice curse words. Not safe for young ears*

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