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It Wasn't Until They Became Mommy's

Image courtesy of africa at FreeDigitalPhotos.net
I recall one time that I went to visit my sister and her husband in NY. I was leaving out to get some luggage and my then baby started to chase after me crying. They had a look of, why the heck is she doing that on their faces. I know that they were not trying to be mean or anything like that. It's just that when you don't have babies or children. Heck, even when you do have children and they are not in the same phase as other children you tend to have a lapse in memory. No one wants to see or hear a baby cry. It's just human nature to react how you would. Anyway, trust me they are now the proud parents of 3 beautiful children. They have a new understanding and perspective to say the least. Another time, we also went to a nice little Peruvian restaurant for dinner near their neighborhood.
I knew it would be a lot to handle and it got overwhelming for me too, I was a brand new mother. I didn't want to spoil the plans so we went anyway. My daughter  to say the least, was of course very attached to me and not very quiet about. She was a baby and nursing at that. They kept looking at me like do something to shut her up, like I was not able to control her. All she was doing was making the normal baby sounds, not even crying.  All I could do was give forgiving looks to the patrons and my family and think to myself how else did you think she was gonna be. I wasn't angry by any means, because like I said before I was new to this too. I wouldn't have preferred to have my nice dinner not be disturbed by a fussy baby. Well, It's funny how the tables turn though and folks get fussy and whiny children of their own. How's the saying go judge not or you'll be judged by the same judgement and sometimes 10 times worse. Well that may not be how it goes but, you get the picture. We all think we know how we would handle situations with other peoples babes, but until you become a mommy you have no idea. I know, no ones perfect and I don't claim to be myself.  What are some of your stories about pregnancy and motherhood?
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