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Facebook, Twitter, Instagram-They Liked Your Picture They Must Luuuve You

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net
How Many Likes is Too Many Likes

In this day and age it's hard to have a completely private life, especially if you are someone who is trying to stay actively social and relevant. I remember when I was a party promoter some years ago and there was no Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. You actually had to use a dial up internet connection, possibly with the AOL disk, to send out mass emails to the people you wanted to reach or call everybody the week leading up to the event (which is still a pretty good practice if you ask me). However, now all you have to do is get a following on any of the social media and create an event to market and capitalize on.
Not so bad, but it creates a culture of online everything. I swear I haven't taken this many pictures in the last few years as I've taken over the last couple of months since I got Instagram. Somehow Instagram has created a slew of amateur photographers, myself included that are borderline obsessed or as I say pressed to post an instant picture.
When I had just Facebook I didn't feel as compelled to post the picture of my breakfast plate to make food porn or to take the shot of the kid's playing at the playground. I almost got rid of my Facebook account all together because it wasn't getting much use. I find myself getting ever so caught up in the Throwback Thursday that I almost spent the whole day searching through old pictures of friends to put on blast from the past. It feels good to reminisce about grade school days. The way that Instagram let's you just scroll through and click on the picture you like with little effort is addictive as well. I find myself on my phone trying to like photos on FB with my trusted thumb. I say all of this to get to my point of when does the liking become a problem for those in a relationship. I may like my old boyfriends picture or he may like mine and comment on it as well. Somethings may be interpreted as sublime or deliberate to someone else looking on. It of course depends on the person and how jealous they may be but. Is it inappropriate to like your exes pics? What do you do when you see that your significant other's ex has followed them and is liking all of their pictures What if your mate is also liking their exes pictures? Do you get jealous if they like the family pics? How do feel about them liking your mates pictures. Please share and be very honest, my husband works with a lot of young guys who say that it is disrespectful for their girlfriends exes to like certain pictures or to make any comments and it has caused many of arguments. I know of married couples that one spouse refuses to get an account because of the trouble it can cause. What's up people, can't we just honestly like the way a picture looks without it being any drama associated?
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