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Watching the waiting room door
Waiting is an art...sitting here at the dentist office I realize that you must find a way to concentrate. Concentrate on how to fill you're time and the wait won't seen so agonizing. My daughter is the patient-to be and she can't stay still to save her life.
Not happy about waiting

Taylor catching the door b4 it slams
The dentist office door slams really loudly, so she had made it her job to keep the door from slamming much to the amusement of the other patients waiting to be seen. Too bad for her, the last person to come and go knew about the door already, so she didn't get a chance to do get job, lol.

I'm filling my time by posting this story and reading magazine number 2. Life is full of opportunities to make the best of the moment. Appreciate that you have nothing to do right at that moment. At the end of it all my daughter was happy.

Happy now that it's over

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